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We are a social enterprise engaged in building community and providing healthy, delicious, food in St. James Town. In addition to hosting café events that are open and accessible to all, we hold workshops, training events, film screenings, and more. Check out our Events Calendar for details.


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October 2014 Cafe Newsletter
Hello, Thank you for signing up with the St. James Town Community Cafe! Welcome to our monthly newsletter that let's you know about our upcoming even...
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DELICIOUS Gluten and Dairy Free Cookies
We served these at the St. James Town Festival, and people are still talking about them! Perfectly chewy and delicious! The quinoa flour is full of ...
October 4th Community Cafe Forum!
St James Town- our world within a block! What is the St James Town Community Café? What is the St James Town Community Co-operative? What could thi...

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